How to Create a Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Hi, today I am going to show how to create a wireless ad hoc network without using a router. This network can also be used for sharing files and multimedia between two devices but before starting lets see the two basic questions:

What is wireless ad hoc network?

In simple terms it means connecting laptops, desktops or any wifi enabled device with wireless network without using wifi router.

What is the use of it?

It is really helpful if you have a regular modem but no wifi router and your two devices have wifi capabilities.

Now read carefully.

1. Make Sure you have internet connectivity on the device (laptop) through a wired or USB connection. Now click on network icon on right hand side on bottom of the screen (Taskbar) and then click on open network and sharing center.


Click on the Start button (windows flag) at extreme lower left hand side corner, then click on control panel and once in control panel click on network and sharing center.

Enhancing Your Skills With RTO Training and Consulting For A Brighter Future

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There are a lot of job opportunities out there that are just waiting to be found. The only issue is that it can be a challenge to find someone who will suit the job perfectly. Such opportunities are at a risk of deteriorating because of the lack of manpower. However, most of these career options won't be appealing to most people because these kinds of careers avoid standard practices. However, you just might possess the needed skills to perform well in such career opportunities. Other than acquiring a modest income that will progressively improve the longer you stay on the job, you will also be in charge of the job that you selected. This will aid you to concentrate on the special talents that you possess. Before you dive into a certain job offer, it is recommended that you first invest time in developing your skills and mastering your craft.

7 Vital Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop

Before buying a computer it is mandatory to check all its merits and drawbacks. It can be an annoying situation when you are buying an expensive laptop and you're unknown about all the facts. Today, there are several brands which promise to give their best shot in terms of performance and reliability. But still there are some essential factors to keep in mind like size, features, performance, durability, and more. Here are some very useful things to know before shopping for a laptop.

1) Operating System: Choosing an operating system is your own personal choice. Both Mac and Windows do the same thing, but they have different interface and performance. Mac is amazing with faster performance running multiple applications efficiently and crashes rarely. They are less vulnerable to viruses or other malwares. Windows OS also runs well and importantly it is more familiar for many people. If you're quite familiar with Windows then stick to it. But if you wish to learn something new, then go for the Mac.

2) System Memory: A system's memory plays a significant role in case of performance. Ensure your RAM keeps up a good performance level when you are using many applications simultaneously or watching multiple websites in different browsers. The more RAM, the faster your laptop will perform. Make sure your laptop gives you option to upgrade your RAM if required for more performance.

Tips and Tricks for Standardizing Your Business IT Assets

Tricks for standardizing your company's Information Technology assets:

If your organization's workplace is using numerous variations and types of computer software and equipment, the duty of standardizing may be challenging. Purchasing new equipment to centralize can be a solution however, not a realistic when working with a smaller budget. Standardizing IT in small - medium-sized organizations is a marathon not a race. Below are a few ideas to centralize your electronics over time:

Purchase Professional-Grade Computers: 
If your organization is considering getting new computers, be sure to pick the type that they provide for businesses for crying out loud! Enterprise versions don't change significantly from model to model like your typical home PC will. Expertise in the exact same model can help you navigate through the PC minus the learning curve that you'd get from a new model. These models are made for business operation so anticipate first-rate performance. Enterprise models also feature improved technical support and six month to a two year warranty with regards to the supplier.