How to Create a Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Hi, today I am going to show how to create a wireless ad hoc network without using a router. This network can also be used for sharing files and multimedia between two devices but before starting lets see the two basic questions:

What is wireless ad hoc network?

In simple terms it means connecting laptops, desktops or any wifi enabled device with wireless network without using wifi router.

What is the use of it?

It is really helpful if you have a regular modem but no wifi router and your two devices have wifi capabilities.

Now read carefully.

1. Make Sure you have internet connectivity on the device (laptop) through a wired or USB connection. Now click on network icon on right hand side on bottom of the screen (Taskbar) and then click on open network and sharing center.


Click on the Start button (windows flag) at extreme lower left hand side corner, then click on control panel and once in control panel click on network and sharing center.

2. Click on setup a new connection or network.

3. A new windows will pop up. In that window, scroll down and click on set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network and press next, and once again press next.

4. You will see some boxes wherein the first box you have to enter any desired network name. It can be anything but don't forget it th name. Leave the security type by default at WPA2-Personal. In the second box type your desired password but should not be less than 8 characters. If you want to save the network to use it again later then check the box in front of Save this network and press next.

5. A final window will show you wireless network name and other information. If you see the option of Turn on internet connection sharing Make sure You click it and press close.

6. Now go to other device which you want to connect with this network. Choose the wireless network name (SSID) and enter the password when prompted and that's how easy it is to create an ad hoc netork without using a router

Now you will be able to use internet on more than 1 device without wires.

Note: Make sure the device on which you are creating network should be connected with internet with a wired connection or with any other kind of internet except wireless network, otherwise you will be able to broadcast signal but without internet.

For more information and better understanding please watch video from resource box.

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